If 21 Savage has had any visuals from his street certified mixtape Savage Mode recorded, he’s withheld them. Tonight that changed with a video for one of the mixtapes hardest cuts, “No Heart.”

Of course, it’s produced by Metro Boomin’ and he stars alongside 21 21 21 in the video. The two actually play the modern day Caine & O-Dog from the classic film Menace II Society. Metro plays the role of Caine, while Savage is O-Dog, of course. The video even comes complete with a store clerk telling 21 “he’s feels sorry for his mother” followed by a shooting, and the beer can drop by Metro. It’s a pretty cinematic affair to say the least.

While we await what 21 Savage has up his sleeve next, check out The PictureMan and Azae Productions directed visuals above.