After getting the ultimate co-sign from Pharrell over the weekend, Rexx Life Raj is back with a video for his new song “Where I Belong.” In the Gino-directed visual, the Berkeley artist takes in some stunning coastline views.

“Sometimes you have to go to Drake’s Bay to shoot a beautiful ass video because you want to capture the same essence that you put into the song,” he says. “Just like that one time you captured that beetle in your backyard and wanted him to feel at home in his new Pepsi bottle house in your bedroom so you loaded it up with very moist dirt, a couple leaves, and sidewalk rocks hoping that he would feel at home in his new abode but you forgot to poke air holes in the bottle and he died a slowly, tragic death while you watched Family Guy with your lil homie Pookie. But don’t trip, bb. This video has a happier, more beautiful ending. I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

Father Figure 2: Flourish drops this Friday, with features from the like of G-Eazy and Russ.