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If you would like to feature a music video on ZEVO TV, please follow the steps below carefully. Thank you!

ZEVO TV is one of the largest hip-hop music and video networks featuring the best independent and top hit music videos. We are always open to new videos from major and independent artists.

Publishing Rules

1.) Make sure your video is already uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo so we can easily share it with our viewers.

2.) Make sure there is no nudity.

3.) If you are uploading a ‘behind the scenes’ video, or a documentary video, please make sure the description is clear.

Publishing Information

After my video gets released on the site, will it be shared on the ZEVO TV Facebook page and social media?

Yes! All music videos that get released on ZEVO TV will automatically be shared on all our social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Will it be featured on the front page of the website?

Yes! All music videos go on the front page first. Unlike other TV networks that charge money to be featured, we feature all music videos the same regardless of status or paid placements.

How long will my video stay on ZEVOTV.COM?

Forever! Your music video will never be taken off unless you tell us to.

My music video is older, can I still upload it?

Yes! We accept older music videos unlike other networks.

How long does it take to get featured on the site?

All videos will be updated on the site within two days.

Associated Fees and Costs

How much does it cost?

Each video is required to submit a fee of $47 (one-time upload fee). Once the payment has cleared, your video will be published on the site within 48 hours.

Upload your video

Please upload your video using the form below!

For all questions regarding music videos, please contact Customer Services